Medication affordability solutions that put people first

No one should lose healthcare because of an inability to pay. Our affordability solutions can help with high-deductible health plans, increasing copays and a lack of visibility.

Helping Patients

When patients can’t afford their prescriptions, 52% seek affordability options through their provider – and 29% go without their medications1

  • Patients get more insight into the medication’s cost during its entire lifecycle
  • Pair the right financial assistance with the patient’s needs at the point of prescribing and fulfillment
  • Help patients understand the options they have for the most affordable way to pay for their medication

Patient Impact

Patients were 19% more adherent to fulfilling their medication when providers used a prescription decision support solution that offered price transparency to determine the best medication access options compared to those who did not have this insight.2

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  2. 2. CoverMyMeds Case Study, 2019